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Giving Opportunity Achievement and Leadership through Soccer

Soccer is often referred to as the beautiful game. The flair, passion and cultural diversity infused by soccer fans and players is unmatched and embodies the spirit of Western New York, the birthplace of G.O.A.L.S. Premier Cup. It is truly the Worlds game and its’ most popular sport.
Our mission is to create a premier, dynamic and fun 5v5 futsal-style tournament and inner-city youth skills clinic to promote our local soccer community and showcase the amazing growth happening in Buffalo, New York. The success of our first two years has allowed us to donate to local soccer programs and host a back to successful school drive. Giving back to our community is our top priority and it’s all thanks to your continued support.
To sponsor an event or if you have a question please email us at GOALSSOCCERPC@GMAIL.COM



Sunday August 12, 2018 @ Buffalo Riverworks

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